Image: Indie Lane

Image: Indie Lane

Image: Indie Lane

Image: Indie Lane

Do you work on commission?

Any discounts available to me are passed on in full to you, my clients.

No commissions are paid by the stores, and there is no obligation to make any purchases on your personal shopping session.


Do I have to try clothes on?

This will be up to you as you need to be comfortable with the process. I respect your privacy. Ideally I would prefer you try on the pieces as this will provide the best opportunity for me to guide you on what suits you and looks good. I work with women and men of all ages, body shapes and sizes. If you are considering using a personal stylist for the first time and are nervous, don't be. My role is to listen to your needs and provide tailored style advice, not judgement.


How can you save me money?

If you calculated how much you have spent on items that do not suit your style, do not fit correctly, were purchased on sale although not quite the bargain when you arrive home, this can be a great deal of wasted money sitting in your wardrobe.

StyleOnCue is about education, learning to buy key essentials, adding some on trend pieces and having the confidence to mix and match outfit combinations - with the outcome that you look and feel amazing.


How can you save me time?

Once we conduct the style consultation and I learn all about you and your lifestyle, I am equipped to do the leg work in researching what you need and selecting the best pieces that suit your style. When we are out shopping I can cover all you need in a few hours not days or weeks which is what happens. Everything has been pre-selected and is a very efficient service. Everyone is time poor and busy - this service is to gift you time and will prove valuable for all. 


If I am trying to loose weight, should I hold off booking a stylist?

Firstly congratulations on your plan, for any of us when you look good, you feel good and potentially can make better decisions about all aspects of our lives. It seems when we open the door to positivity and embrace what could be, we take action that will be. Therefore my recommendation is to reward yourself along the way as you want to feel good now and not wait. We can tailor a package to suit your needs as you take this journey. 


How much money do I need to go shopping?

This will be up to you and what you believe is the right amount to spend. We tailor a shopping list within your recommended budget and outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to have you look and feel the best version of you.