Bridal Styling - Wedding Dress Shopping Do's

No matter who you ask your wedding day will be the most important day when we think about fashion and what you will be wearing. There is an unprecedented level of attention on you and there are no arguments that you would want to look your very best because the photos taken on the day will be on display forever. 

Some brides dream about their one special day their whole lives and others will want the day to be unique although can feel overwhelmed by all of the preparation that goes into planning the big day.

From a stylist perspective what should you be looking out for to make the dress shopping as pain less as possible. 

Choosing The Dress;

You may have already began the search for the perfect wedding dress in magazines and on Pinterest and believe you know what type of design you want. Please go and try on all different designs in a few different bridal boutiques. This is the only way to know what suits your body shapeand what colours will work best - the bride in white is no longer as common as we are led to believe. Many times we hear a bride say - I did not expect to like this dress although I love it on. 

Do Not Be In A Hurry;

This is an important and potentially costly purchase, so take your time. Research is critical as you need to look at all options for dress making; buy off the shelf, custom made, dress maker made or borrow. Work out what is most important to you and set a budget - if you shop around you will be sure to find the dress you love at a price point you can afford often that will mean being made with options on fabric choices. Think about the style you have chosen and if that will date, especially if you have a long engagement planned. 

Move Around;

In the bridal boutiques in most cases the dresses will not fit you properly, they are either unable to do up as they are sample size or completely oversized and being held together with pegs at the back - this can make it quite difficult to visualise what the end look will be. In saying this walk around, sit down and dance. You need to know you can be comfortable and move. There have been many brides that could not even enjoy the meal at their own wedding because of the tightness of the dress or how the dress is designed. Breathing is critical on the day!


Take photos of the dress from all angles. Are you happy with how you look? Remember on the day you will be the centre of attention and your guests will be photographing you at all angles and most likely uploading photos onto social media before the event is over. Fabrics can look very different in certain lights and you do not want to look too shiny or too wrinkled, because photos last a life time. Remember to accentuate your best features - if you love your legs be daring and wear a knee length style dress; if you have been working on your guns make sure your arms on display in a stunning halter or strapless style. 

Hubby To Be Feedback;

Some of you will scratch your head on this one although understand what your husband to be wants on this special day. Is there a type of dress design or fabric he loves you in. You are walking down the aisle towards this man and he will love you no matter what you are in, although nice if you listened to his ideas and made him feel part of the day. 

The key tip is you need to love the dress chosen and that you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time on this special day. Let’s make it count.