Before Buying Ask Yourself These Three Questions

If fashion shopping is not your game then let’s make it a little easier.

If you find an item you like and in true Marie Kondo style it sparks joy then before you make the purchase ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What does it go with? Do not make the mistake of buying a piece that does not work with your existing wardrobe. Your wardrobe is very expensive real estate and to deserve a spot in there it must work hard for you. Make sure you are clear if it is a practical buy.

  2. Where will you wear it? If you know exactly its next location - excellent. Shop with a purpose. Do not buy an item that is being saved for a special occasion. Living is a special occasion and why not look good all of the time.

  3. What are the care instructions? Please read the tag so you know what you are getting into. If the item is silk and you do not plan to hand wash or delicate wash in cold water put it back on the shelf. The care instructions are there for a purpose and some fabrics just may not work for you because of the requirement of special care it needs to remain in the best condition.

There you have it - so very simple although can save you time and money that you shop with a purpose. Next time you are hitting the shops remember to stop and ask yourself each of the questions above.

Image: Indie Lane

Image: Indie Lane