Focus On The Good Not The Bad

What do you see when looking in the mirror?

Too often we focus on what we do not like. For me it is my knees. Weird, yes I know. I am not tall and feel that my knees make my legs look wide, therefore I will not buy a dress or skirt that sits on the knee or just above it. I believe if I do your attention is drawn to the one area I do not want to look at. 

Instead I need to remind myself that there are other features I can enhance and that is the same for my clients. I am amazed when I walk through a mirror strategy process where each client will focus. Now, you can never assume that each time they call out a body part that they dislike it, although more often than not they have a negative view point. 

Love what you see in the mirror and be kind to yourself. I promise you have many features you can play up and be proud of. The tricks are drawing attention to the areas of your body you want to show off. Play around with colour and fit to create the illusion of shape. Know the power of accessories to create a statement and direct the eye-line of someone standing in front of you. Colour can be your best friend, know what you can wear close to your face and do not create any rules about colours that you can or cannot wear. It is all about the placement of the said colours.

I have some clients say they do not own a mirror. It is important you do a final check in the mirror to feel confident in what you are wearing. Do a circle and look at all angles. You will then have a clear view of what is working well on you. I know staring at yourself can be confronting although look past the faults (let's be clear faults that only you see) and find the good and not just the bad.

Tell me what part of your body you love and what part do you want to hide?