Who Makes Up Your Tribe?

It would seem that the saying 'you are who you hang with' is quite relevant. If you are going to spend countless hours with someone, you would firstly want to like them, that they make you happy, they would inspire and challenge you and most all be honest with you.

Whilst holidaying in Noosa and spending a great deal of time walking the National Park you had a birds eye view of the ocean and sprinkled throughout were many surfers, waiting for the perfect wave. It resonated with me that they were their own tribe. A very bronzed, athletic, salty hair tribe. 

They would tell you the sport is individual, there are no winners or losers, it is you being at one with the ocean. The one place I truly believe tech gadgets can have no place. Yet when you are watching them; they are grouped together, patiently waiting to take their turn. The elements of the environment are at play - wind, swell, direction, tides all have to align for the surfer to consider hitting the water. Having previously spent time working at an iconic surf company and living at the beach you learn a thing or two, and there are a number of unwritten rules that govern the sea and make for a happy tribe; give right of way, don't drop in, don't ditch your board, respect the beach - you get my drift (pun intended). 

This surfing tribe made me think of how each individual out there is probably quite different from the other although the passion for the sport of surfing is one way they are drawn together. This reminded me of John C Maxwell's writing, where he talks about achieving success with intent - to surround yourself with like-valued people. 

Do those who surround you, help you be the person you want to be? If not, then start to think about what type of values drive you and what you want in others who make up your tribe. Those who care for you and drive you forward are those that should be allowed to grab a board and hit the surf with you. Now, they do not have to be 'yes people', even though that is great for your ego. You want someone that will tell you if what you are wearing is not your best look, if your behaviour is out of line or to tell you to 'harden up' when you have spent too much time venting about a situation you should have moved on from. 

Stop and ask yourself - who makes up your tribe? Are they worthy or do you need to 'wipe out' someone or a few of them and find a new break? 

Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park